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NuPattern is available for Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013.

Please follow these links:
  • Download and install the NuPattern tools.
  • Getting Started How to get started with NuPattern, as a toolkit builder or toolkit user.
  • Release Notes Improvements and changes to current releases
  • NuPattern Academy Instructional video's explaining various aspects of pattern building.
  • Contributing to NuPattern How you can contribute to the project, and some Easy Contributions that you can get started with.
  • Developer Notes Not required to create or use toolkits! These are notes for developers who want to change the software, and who need to know how to build, test and run the source code of NuPattern.

Toolkits & Samples

These are examples of toolkits that experts have provided the general public available, and downloadable from the Visual Studio Gallery.
We are always keen to hear from folks who have built their own toolkits, so we can tell everyone else about them here

Sample Toolkits

These are toolkits designed to demonstrate toolkit features and options to help you build your own toolkit. They almost always include full source code to learn from.

We are looking for contributors who may wish to provide other samples that we can post here.

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