Change in Project Ownership, and Naming


In July 2012, ownership of the VSPAT project was trasnferred from Microsoft to the Outercurve Foundation. Press release here: http://www.outercurve.org/News/articleType/ArticleView/articleId/56/Outercurve-Foundation-Announces-Acceptance-of-Visual-Studio-Pattern-Automation-Toolkit

This transfer of ownership demands a change in copyright, attribution and digital identitiy of the source and deliverables of the VSPAT project.

The overall impact of this change will be that the project will assume a new brand, and digital identity, and will as such, not be afforded compatibility with previous versions of VSPAT (prior to and including
A migration strategy will be put in place to assist existing users and builders migrate existing toolkits to the new platform.

The release of NuPattern (nee VSPAT) will address the requirements for license, copyright, attribution, identity changes across the project, and will establish a supported documented migration process.
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