Add a 'Create Blank Solution' link to an empty Solution Builder window for convienience


When authoring a toolkit (that may or may not have a project template), during the iterative cycle of testing the toolkit, and creating a new instance of the pattern, it becomes onerous for the builder to keep creating a 'new empty blank solution' using the mouse and menus of Visual Studio.

Since there is available real estate in the Solution Builder tool window when Visual Studio starts (no solution loaded), it would be convienient to have a link to create a blank solution with a single click of a button or link.

Then the experience would be more slick:
  • click the new 'Add new Blank Solution' -> creates a blank solution.
  • click the 'Add new Solution Element' -> creates instance of pattern.
  • manual testing resumes.
Closed Apr 27, 2013 at 3:04 AM by jezzsa