NuPattern builder awareness


For many new users of pattern toolkits, after installing a pattern toolkit, and perhaps deriving some value from it in use (depending on its individual success), may be curious as to how they can benefit from more value from other such toolkits. For a user of a toolkit it will not be evident that they are using components of NuPattern for their toolkit - that iis well obscured. Their user interface to NuPattern is the Solution Builder window, the 'Add New Solution Element' dialog. All other UI elements are provided by the toolkit itself.

For many new authors who install the 'NuPattern Toolkit Builder' extension, after installation, they are aware of the extension in Extension Manager, and they see an empty Solution Builder tool window to pop up in Visual Studio. They may be also curious as to what should be displayed in that window, and what next steps are.

Note: There is guidance provided, linked from the Solution Builder window to explain this, but we are not expecting that they will look for or discover that guidance.

In either case, in abscence of reading the provided guidance, the user may benefit from knowing that the Solution Builder window is for displaying the contents of any pattern toolkit which has to be built (by someone) and then installed (by the user), before the Solution Builder window can display it.

It would be beneficial to the adoption of NuPattern technology that it advertises this capability in both the 'Solution Builder' tool window and in the 'Add New Solution Element' dialog.

Similar to what many other platform products do by advertising: 'Built With...', or 'Powered By....'
Closed Apr 27, 2013 at 3:04 AM by jezzsa