Error installing patterns after nupattern update

Hi, I have recently upgraded the version of NuPattern extension in my Visual Studio but it appears that the patterns that I developed in the past cannot be installed anymore. I get a weird error ...

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Memory Leak?

Issue When the model in Solution Builder gets large (about 100 elements), and when the number of text templates to generate is high (about 2 per element), the time to generate is not linearly relat...

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Automation with ModelElement property cannot expand settings

When a custom automation class defined in the automation project of a toolkit has a property of type ModelElement, expanding the settings to configure it fails. The problem seems to be originated...

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OnElementPropertyChangedEvent overhead

Class OnElementPropertyChangedEvent subscribes to the PropertyChanged event of the related product element. On the handler for that event, it creates a nupattern event from the sender and args, and...

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The Guidance Explorer window is always opened

Currently when using an extension created using NuPattern, the Guidance Window always pops up. See: (OnSolutionOpened at

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Validation tracing too confusing in trace

Issue The tracing window the primary tool for troubleshooting and monitoring a toolkit. You can configure the level of tracing to filter the importance of the trace (i.e. Information, Warnings, Er...

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Custom Events not firing when raised

Issue It is possible to create a custom event for a toolkit. A common scenario might be to fire a custom event when the toolkit user clicks a menu. The toolkit builder creates a custom event, and...

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CodeGeneration in medium-large solution takes forever!

Issue When a toolkit generates multiple files using T4, the time it takes to generate those files get exponentially worse as either the number of files in the solution grows, or the number of files...

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Custom Automation Templates should use the Toolkit Name for the CategoryAttribute by convention

Issue When new custom automation classes are created by a toolkit builder, C# code is generated with skeleton code for the specific automation class (i.e. command, condition, valueprovider etc.) ...

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StringValueEqualsCondition does not evaluate expressions

Issue The StringValueEqualsCondition compares a Left and a Right hand string value, and permits the builder to select the 'Kind' of string comparison. However, the Left and Right hand values are t...

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