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Easy Contributions

Interested in contributing but don't have much time?
Want to know what needs to be done of the project that is easy to achieve?

Hopefully, these lists will give you an idea about the kinds of things you could tackle in a short period of time, that we need help with, that others in the NuPattern community would almost certainly thank you for.

Note: The process for contributing the content listed below may be different depending on what they are. Most contributions will come in the form of source code, that are built into the released product see the Developer Notes for how, but some like the webcasts come would probably come in the form of links to your own videos that you have posted elsewhere (like YouTube, Flickr etc.). For vids and screencasts we would be embedding it or linking it in this wiki, and blogging about them for others to learn from as well.
Just flick us a note on the discussion board if there is any doubt as to how you should do this stuff.

We like to keep these lists up to date, but please feel free to make more suggestions.
BTW: To add more suggestions to these lists, simply create a 'New Issue' in the 'Issue Tracker' and assign the 'Custom' field with either [easybug], [easyfeature], [easydoc] or [easytoolkit], and it will appear in these lists.


As with any software project we have our share of bugs. Some are functional, some are poor user experience (UX). We carea lot about how easy the tools and platform are to use, as we have a strong focus on creating tools that are friction-fee and a delight to use by those using them.

Here is a list of bugs we think are small in scope and easy to fix: Easy Bugs to fix

Head over to the Developer Notes page to learn how to download, build and fork the code, so that you can fix bugs.

New Features

Everyone loves to create new features. There are lots of new features to be created in NuPattern, particularly around making toolkit builders lives easier and more productive, and supporting toolkit users habits.

This is a list of the features we know about and we think are pretty easy to tackle, but have a noticeable impact on using the software: Easy Features to build

Head over to the Developer Notes page to learn how to download, build and fork the code, so that you can add new features.


In order for people to see the value of the NuPattern platform we really need to demonstrate a bunch of toolkits that add value to real software projects.
These toolkits don’t need to be big or require large investments in your time. If you already know how to develop or deploy software solutions, just automate what you already know to work for the kinds of problems you face in software development or deployment. We are not looking for the authoritative or the complete and correct toolkits that everyone should use. Just ones that demonstrate a simple implementation pattern that demonstrate what can be done, and where you can add your flare.

Here is a list of suggested toolkits that we think would be good to get started on and have in the Visual Studio Gallery: EasyToolkits to build.

You don't need the source code of this project to build toolkits, all you need to do is download and install NuPattern and build a toolkit. You will need Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2012. Head to the Getting Started page for more details.

BTW: Most of these ideas are relatively BIG patterns. The initial toolkits should not tackle the whole problem, just a small piece of it; a basic toolkit to get the community started with the idea of automating; then watch it evolve with its own community.


We desperately need short videos for the basics in building toolkits (1-5mins in length).
Ideally, these videos would be put in a series or library of short videos from those that make them, so if you want to tackle more than one vid in the series please go right ahead.

Simple stuff like installing NuPattern, creating your first toolkit project, adding simple features to your toolkit, cool things a toolkit can do. That kind of thing goes a very long way to giving people who are looking at NuPattern the first time, an insight into what it does and how. Remember, most people have never seen anything like this before, and so we have found that a video speaks a million words.
  • We started the User Videos? thread that makes some suggestions about the kinds of topics you could get started with. Check that out if you like, or go your own way - please.
  • We also developed the ASP.NET MVC Pattern Toolkit as a sample feature-rich toolkit for people to use interactively. We also desperately need someone to create a short screencast that demonstrates the walkthrough we have posted over there Toolkit Walkthrough. All the hard work in figuring out what to record is there, we just need someone to record it for us, and we will post it both on that site and on this site. It is a brilliant little toolkit that really gets the point across for web developers (at least) :).

You might want to install NuPattern if you are going to make vids about it. Head over to the Getting Started page to learn how to download and install NuPattern and start building toolkits.

Guidance Topics

As the NuPattern technology develops there are always new features and new ways of doing things. The guidance topics are the way we get that information to toolkit builders and users in Visual Studio whilst they are doing it.

Generally the most popular topics are rich in screenshots and step by step instructions, although some topics just talk concepts, principles and recommended practices.
We try to identify only the topics that people need. The goal is not a tome of any information, but a volume of useful information that people seek often.

Here are some high value guidance topics we are missing right now that need help creating: Easy Docs to write

Head over to the Developer Notes page to learn how to download, build and fork the code, so that you can modify the guidance documents.

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