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Where did NuPattern come from?

[Editors note: We are currently writing a more detailed article about the origins of NuPattern, its history, goals and evolution, which completes the story below. If wish to get a sneak peak at that article please contact the Project Owner]

Where & Why did the project Start?

The NuPattern project started in late 2009 within Microsoft, in partnership with Raytheon to implement tooling and frameworks for building and running software factories in the enterprise. The projects charter was to develop a set of tools in Visual Studio that enabled organisations to define and deliver their own custom software factories, and have those software factories integrate and interact in Visual Studio with the solution under development. What ensued was a project that discovered the scope & requirements of such tooling in Visual Studio, and delivered that evolving tooling regularly to a development group who used the tooling to build their own software factories for their customers.

The project was developed from the ground up on the new Visual Studio 2010 extensibility platform (at the time), learning from previous generations of guidance and automation technologies, and focuses intensely on the experience of economically building and tailoring custom tooling. So that the custom tooling can be evolved and can be tailored as the technologies, platforms and best practices - that they redeliver - evolve and change as they learn. NuPattern is specifically geared towards organizations and individuals wishing to capture and scale their own expertise, and has been specifically designed to be easy to use and be highly productive with.

Who developed NuPattern?

NuPattern was developed by a team from Microsoft and Clarius Consulting over a period of a year, after which the project was maintained by Microsoft, and later released to open source.

Where was the project incubated?

Who owns it now?

Where is it going?

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