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  • Support for navigating around the model in Target Path Syntax. (i.e. can navigate to child elements, sibling elements and ancestor elements.
  • Support for specifying a 'tag' in Target Path Syntax. (i.e. ..\~[mytag]\FolderName)
  • Support for matching/filtering by 'Tag' in all appropriate library automation classes: Commands, Conditions, ValueProviders that deal with artefact links
  • Minor breaking changes to the API for inspecting IProductElement.References

  • Full Support for VS2013. Migrated source code to build in VS2013, and created a version of NuPattern for VS2013
  • Moved off using the built in VS MEF container over to using the NuPattern specific one.
  • Fixed packaging MSBUILD task that was corrupting VSIX files during the signing process

Release notes for this release and prior releases is captured in the 'Release Notes.docx' shipped on each release page (as PDF), and can be found in source tree in: '\Docs\ReleaseNotes.docx'

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